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Andrew Decker Law, PLLC

Ms. Watson has provided me with well drafted documents in a quick and timely manner. She has assisted me with in court matters with the arranging and coordinating papers, documents, and motions. Ms. Watson is professional, smart, and carries the bonus of always having a smile on her face.

Andrew Decker

Attorney ~ Parker & Tarrant County

Soraya Joslin, PC

I love working with Rachael Watson! She has always been there for me - even in a pinch!  I highly recommend her services. Rachael always responds timely and gets the job done.


Soraya Joslin 

Attorney ~ Parker County

Texas Mexico Law

I wish I had met Rachael years ago.  She is diligent, attentive to detail, very responsive to requests and devotes her personal attention and interest. 

Rachael’s billings are commensurate with the quality of her work.

Francisco Hernandez

Attorney ~ Tarrant County​

Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC

Rachael Watson provides an invaluable service to our firm. 

Her professionalism and attention to detail are second to none.  I recommend Rachael Watson without reservation.

Bob Leonard Law Group, PLLC

Sydney C. Leonard ~ Tarrant County