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What is a Virtual Paralegal?

What is a Virtual Paralegal you ask? A Virtual Paralegal is a contract, independent paralegal hired by lawyers, law firms or in-house legal departments to provide paralegal support services on an as needed basis, via the use of technology such as e-mail, internet, fax, and remote access systems.

Are you intrigued with the idea of hiring a Virtual Paralegal? Read on to see why contracting a Virtual Paralegal is the best choice for you and your firm…

• Save Money. When you hire a Virtual Paralegal, you avoid overhead costs associated with a full-time employee. A Virtual paralegal is not an employee, but an independent contractor. A Virtual Paralegal could literally save you thousands of dollars in overhead expenses, such as office space, furniture, equipment, software, taxes, insurance, vacation and sick pay, health insurance and other typically offered employment benefits such as life insurance or retirement fund contributions, and no more paying for down time or overtime.

• Flexibility. Solo practitioners and small law firms use Virtual Paralegals when they have fluctuating workloads and do not necessarily consistently maintain the workload to support an in-house paralegal. Virtual Paralegals are also a resourceful outsourcing tool when your in-house paralegal goes on maternity leave or is otherwise absent, or if you have a large project that requires attention beyond the limitations of your existing staff.

• Save Resources. A Virtual Paralegal negates all the time required by your firm’s HR relative to firm-specifics such as initial orientation and introductions and on-going matters revolving around break-times, covering for absences, and negates any drama surrounding employee conflicts.

• Save Time. Because our Virtual Paralegal is (most likely) more experienced, more efficient, and better connected than the typical new hire, we will need to devote far less time to the project to get the same results. You pay for your Virtual Paralegal only for the time she actually works for you.

• No Training Required. Your Virtual Paralegal is a highly skilled and educated professional who keeps up with legal trends and technology.

• Practicality. Contracting a Virtual Paralegal, instead of a temp or full-time in- office paralegal, negates having to pay agency hiring fees or spend countless hours in training, and we do the work when you need it, with no down time or wasted hours with washroom breaks, coffee breaks, or office chitchat.  You also create a relationship with your Virtual Paralegal, so you get consistency from the same experienced Paralegal, instead of getting a different person each time you request a temp employee.

• Increased Efficiency. Your Virtual Paralegal’s assistance can make your entire office run more smoothly and efficiently by giving you the ability to delegate suitable tasks to her that do not need to be performed by an attorney, enabling the attorney to handle a larger client case load and still assure competent representation of each client. It enables lawyers to be as responsive as possible to all their clients, which provides a competitive advantage in today’s competitive market.

• Convenience. Hiring a Virtual Paralegal is as fast and easy as giving us a call. You only hire a Virtual Paralegal for the amount of time that you actually need them, and our office is available to you 5 days a week with extended hours of availability. Virtual Paralegals offer reasonable rates and flexible business plans to fit specific business needs, whether hourly or by the project. We can also offer short and/or long-term contracts, and will travel within the State upon request. Ready for your own positive experience with a Virtual Paralegal? Contact us today!   

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